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Which are the top 3 Nigerian music download sites?

The internet offers a lot of things and among them is free music. You can find a lot of websites that offer free downloadable music.

You would be amazed at how much free Nigerian music websites are available online.

However, not all of them actually work out. Most of the music websites in Nigeria just disappoint you by complicated navigation, annoying ads, unknown plugins, or even viruses.

For this reason, we have collected a list of the top ten leading Nigerian music blogs for easier download without experiencing any hitches.

Before giving you the full list of these leading music download websites, we decided to give you a brief history of the evolution of websites to download free mp3 music.

3 Best Nigerian Music Download Sites To Download Latest Music The following are the top 3 rankings of the best Nigerian music download sites based on-site visits, as seen on Alexa rankings, number of music downloads per month, etc.

1. Jess4Music Download 2. Free naija music download website 3. Jess4Music.com is the go-to Nigerian music download site when you have to download the latest Naija music and videos from a personal point of view. They pride themselves as the main source for pan-African music entertainment, reviews, trending news, and celebrity updates.

Jess4Music video channel is the leading hub where they talk about trends in the music industry. Jess4Music is characterized by their easier access to songs and a clearer user interface.

Audio Mp3 Download web architecture is both user-friendly and mobile-friendly and it is very quicker than Notjustok which explains why it has a large user database.

Jess4Music.com music traffic sources Mobile users love Jess4Music.com due to the fact that Jess4Music appears to be increasingly centered around getting the songs to their users in a very easy and clear environment.

As per Alexa ranking; it is the highest-ranked committed Nigerian music download site.

This is one of the biggest players in the music industry. It ranks the 19th most visited site in Nigeria.

That is most likely the reason the richest musicians in Nigeria want their songs on this site.

Tooxclusive marketing efforts utilize key methods that are set up to viably boost introduction, construct brand mindfulness, as well as boosting grassroots development by helping to promote upcoming artists. Audio Mp3 Download

Jess4Music.com additionally has an editorial board where you can find out about the most recent updates in the music industry just as celebrity gists, Upcoming music events, etc.

2. Exclusives Music 3. Exclusives.com.ng - Nigerian music website for latest songs 4. Exclusives.com.ng was launched in 2009 by Azeez Makinde and has developed as one of the top Nigerian music download sites with countless traffic to their site monthly. Because of the rapid development and extraordinary effect of the platform on the entertainment industry, Naijaloaded has numerous awards including.

These awards are the best online Nigerian portal 2010, most visited Nigerian news blogs 2011, and the best music and video download site 2013 and City People Music Award for Music Website of the Year.

Naija loaded free mp3 download It is the main online platform in Nigeria as Alexa ranks Naijaloaded 20th among the most visited websites in Nigeria.

It has ranked above top sites like Linda Ikeji, GT Bank, Konga, among others.

Naijaloaded seems, by all accounts, to be the best online platform offering most recent information to Nigerians home and abroad.

The platform covers for all intents and purposes all part of life-extending from music, video, Nigerian entertainment gist, data and technology, and education.

Like the Nigerian music websites mentioned in this post, Naijaloaded additionally offers top Nigeria music video arrangements on their web page. Download Mp3

They additionally spread a wide scope of entertainment gist and news content consistently to Nigerians home and abroad.

3. Naijaflash.com.ng Naijaflash Mp3 blog is focused on delivering the latest and trending Music from Nigeria and Africa at large in both Audio and Video (with mobile device compatibility). This Nigerian music download site is one of the most recently established music websites than the various blogs on this list. It was launched in 2012 and now ranks 145th website in Nigeria.

The owner of Naijavibes is so passionate about blogging, and in a brief period, Naijavibes has accumulated an amazing collection of top Nigerian songs.

This music hub reliably refreshes its users with the most recent songs and all related music content.

It is extraordinary compared to other music websites in Nigeria. This is the bus station to getting streaming music with wonderful beats. Free Mp3 Download

It Presents to all of your genres of music leaving you clueless at the idea of which music to play despite the fact that you have a series of alternatives of a song to go for.

Evolution of Nigerian Music From its beginnings in the roads of Lagos, popular music in Nigeria has for quite some time been a necessary piece of the development of African pop, getting impacts and instruments from numerous ethnic gatherings, most notably the Yoruba.

Nigerian music lover listening to music Nigerian lady enjoying music The early styles of Nigerian popular music were palm-wine music and highlife, which spread during the 1980s within Nigeria and close by nations of Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Ghana.

In Nigeria, palm-wine turned into the essential reason for jùjú, a genre that ruled popular music for a long time.

During this time, a couple of different styles, for example, apala, derived from traditional Yoruba music, likewise found a progressively constrained audience.

By the 1960s, Cuban, American and different styles of imported music were getting a charge out of enormous followership, and musicians began to fuse these impacts into jùjú.

The outcome was an abundance of new styles over the last decade until the twentieth century, including waka music, Yo-pop, and Afrobeat.

Latest Naija music had to be accessible on smart devices, isn’t it? So, there’s a need to leverage the power of the internet to bring music closer to people. Hence, Naija music blogs.

We’ve recently published a post on sites to download free latest Yoruba movies in Nigeria, you should check that out.

Top Nigeria Music Download Site Summary With these websites listed in this article, there is no more need to look elsewhere for your music downloads, contents, celebrity gist, and entertainment.

The reality is, more and more Nigerian music download sites will surface in the nearest future. The internet is just about a couple of decades old, and there are unending possibilities for what can be achieved.

Here’s a quick recap of the top 4 best Nigerian music download sites:

Jess4Music Download Exclusives Music Naijaflash Mp3 Top 10

With so many want-to-be popular Nigerian